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The Neel 51 is the perfect Family Bluewater Yacht that can be maneuverable by a small crew

The Perfect Vessel

for Adventures

At high seas, the beam on the NEEL trimarans is an important safety factor, a guarantee of stability. On a catamaran, the maximum righting moment occurs at 12 degrees of heeling. However, on a trimaran, this maximum righting moment happens at 27 degrees of heeling, an angle that is impossible to reach in normal sailing conditions, thanks to the center weight distribution.

A Trimaran is much more Stable and Safer at sea than a catamaran

Neel 51, Ready for Adventure

Neel Trimarans are the evolution of Sailing Vessels

The Neel 51 is the perfect multi-hull for families seeking adventures on a safe and comfortable sailing vessel

The Neel 51 can be

outfitted with the latest

onboard equipment

Shallow Draft, Only 5'9'                     
Light Displacement 38000 Lbs
Powerful Main Sail, 1039 Sqft
Furling Genoa, 760 Sqft
Volvo 75Hp Sail Drive Engine
Layouts Up to 6 Cabins


The NEEL 51 has won the Top Awards in the Industry


300 Alton Road, Ste 212
Miami Beach, Fl, 33139

1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 300, Annapolis, MD, 21401


Performance Yacht Sales is the US dealer and importer of Neel Trimarans

In La Rochelle, France.

The standard delivery time is 6 months, but sometimes we have pre-reserved production slots, please call us to know more.

Yes, we offer a wide range of customizations, from state of the art electrical systems, onboard comfort, and performance rigging.

Can I customize my Neel ?

Every Neel has 5 Years Structural Warranty, and tow years on onboard equipment 

Yes, is 1.5 times faster, but is also much safer, more stable and behaves like a sailboat!

Award Winning Design

Who is Performance Yacht Sales

Where are Neel Trimarans Made ?

How Long it takes to build a New Neel?

It is true that a Trimaran is faster than a Catamaran ?

What is the Warranty Period


The Neel 51 is an advanced multi-hull design, which is the logical evolution of sailing vessels. The Neel 51 is fun to helm, it accelerates like no other vessel, and it has an excellent directional stability. When sailing the windward, the amas barely touches the water, reducing the drag, but maintaining an optimal stability.

The Perfect 

Boat Size at the

Perfect Price

3390 Mary St, Ste 116
Coconut Grove, Fl, 33133

1997 Annapolis Exchange Parkway, Suite 300, Annapolis, MD, 21401


  - Performs Best than any Multihull
 Is  1.5 times Faster than a Catamaran
  - Is 
More Stable than a catamaran
And because it features the 
largest living space than any multi-hull of the same size! It is also very Fun to Helm!


  Amazing Technical Room Area      Large Skipper Cabin
  Laundry Room
  Up to 2500 Amps of Solar Power (       optional )
  Independent from the Grid- Lithium     Battery Ready
  Integrel 48 Volts Alternator Ready